NoDepositDaily Privacy & Cookies Policy (referred to as “we”, “us”) below processes personal information about visitors and customers (referred to as “you”) on our sites. We take steps to handle all personal information with care, secure it, and follow all laws related to data protection.

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The function of this policy is to provide details about when, how, and why our website processes information that could be related to you (“personal data”). The policy also provides critical information about statutory rights you have. This Policy is not intended to replace the terms of other contracts you currently have with us, or rights with regards to data protection legislation.

The different sections of this Policy have been labelled according to topic.


To navigate to specific topics, click the appropriate web link within the list below to access the relevant information immediately. is responsible for monitoring your personal information in its role as a Data Controller. A Data Controller determines the methods and goals of processing a user’s personal data.

While is mainly responsible for monitoring your personal information, that data might be stored in databases that are accessible to other companies. When they access your personal information, all companies must comply with this Policy’s set standards.

We might process the following types of personal information about you:

  • Name
  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Location data
  • Personal preferences collects data from you directly when you visit our sites or use our services.

This personal information is used to:

  • Send promotional communications related to our products and services. Read Section 6 about Direct marketing for further details.
  • Evaluate data in our website’s databases and systems to run our websites and business, to improve the user experience and the services we deliver.
  • Target and improve ads that our site delivers to you.
  • Register you for any community or forum we make available, which allows you to make comments and feedback.
  • Exercise or meet any of our legal rights or obligations.

We only process personal information for the functions defined in Section 3 and only in places we are fully satisfied that:

  • You have given your consent that the information can be used for the stated purpose, or
  • Our usage of your personal information is required in order to support any ‘legitimate interests’
  • that our business has (e.g. to improve our products or analytics across all datasets) in a way that honors your privacy.

Our website works with several third parties for the purposes of business management and service delivery. From time to time, such third parties might need to access your personal information.

These include:

  • The provider of our mailing application, Aweber Systems, Inc. based in the USA, who is certified by Privacy Shield and processes our users’ personal data for us;
  • Our site’s plugin provider, Automattic, Inc. based in the USA, and host of who is certified by Privacy Shield and processes personal data for us;
  • Our providers of analytics tools such as Google, VWO, and Hotjar, who process personal information
  • for their own functions as Data Controllers. Refer to our site’s Cookie Policy below to determine how you can avoid analytics providers from accessing your personal information.
  • Data processors or service providers like cloud services that handle your personal information as instructed by us.
  • If we are required to protect our security or interests, or comply with our legal obligations.
  • In the case we buy, sell, or re-organise any assets or business, or if a third party acquires our assets, which includes prospective buyers or sellers.

International Transfers refer to personal information being transferred to a nation outside the EU.

As stated in Section 4 above, our site might permit third parties located outside the EU to access your personal information.

We always take measures to make sure any international data transfer is managed in a way that protects your rights and interests. If we receive a request for data from regulators or law enforcement, this is carefully checked prior to disclosing personal data.

You have the legal right to request more information regarding any safeguards we have set up as stated above. You can contact us if you require additional information, to change or remove your data, as outlined in Section 8.

We will utilize your personal information to send you direct marketing communications about products and services offered by us and our partners. This includes topics like financial services and related to sports betting, and online casino. Marketing can take the shape of targeted online ads or email.

In some situations, the processing of personal information for marketing purposes is based on our site’s legitimate interests (Section 3). Customer consent will be sought in these cases when the law requires it.

You can refuse any future direct marketing at any time. You can contact us (Section 8) or use the opt-out link found in all direct marketing communications we send.

We take steps to limit direct marketing to a proportionate and reasonable level and to only send communications that we think could be relevant or interesting to you, based on the data we have about you.

We keep your personal information as long as it is reasonable for the functions listed in this policy (Section 3).

In some cases, such as for accounting, legal or tax requirements, we keep personal information for a specific length of time.

All personal information we store adheres to our policy for data retention. In the case your personal data is no longer required, we will ensure it is rendered anonymous or securely deleted.

You have various rights related to your personal information. You can find more information regarding each of the rights by reviewing to the table below.

In order to exercise your rights you can contact us by emailing: [email protected]:

You can request that we:

  • Confirm whether we are processing personal information;
  • Provide a copy to you of any data we have;
  • Give you other information regarding your personal data, such as the data we do have, what it is used for, who it is disclosed to, whether we transfer the data outside the EU, how it is protected, the length of time we store it, the rights you have, how you can lodge a complaint, where we obtain your data, and whether we have performed any automated Profiling or Decision Making. This is done to the level that you have not provided data in the Policy.


  • You can request for us to correct personal data that is inaccurate.
  • We might ask to verify the data’s accuracy before it is changed.


You can request for us to erase personal data but only in the case:

  • It is no longer needed for the purpose it was collected; or
  • you withdraw your consent to its use (when processed was founded on consent); or
  • after a right to object (‘Objection’) was successful; or
  • It was unlawfully processed or failed to meet legal obligations.

Our site is not obligated to comply with user requests to erase personal data if your personal data processing is necessary in the following situations:

  • for legal obligation compliance; or
  • for establishment, defense, or exercise of legal claims.
  • There are also other situations when our site is not required to fulfill an erasure request, though these are the two most likely instances when such a request would be denied.


You can request that we restrict (e.g. keep but not use) personal information, but only in cases in which:

  • its accuracy is challenged (see Rectification), to let us verify the accuracy; or
  • the processing is unlawful, but you do not wish for it to be erased; or
  • it is no longer needed for the function it was collected for but our site still requires it to create, defend, or exercise legal claims; or
  • you have exercised the legal right to make an objection, and the pending validation of overriding grounds is taking place.

We can keep utilizing your personal information after requests for restriction in cases where:

  • we have received your consent; or
  • to create, defend, or exercise legal claims; or
  • to protect another legal person’s rights.


You have the right to ask our site to provide personal information to you in a format that is commonly used, structured, and machine-readable. You can also request for it to be ‘reported’ to another Direct Controller directly, but in every case this is only where:

  • Processing is based either on your personal consent or on performance of a contract we have with you, and automated methods are used to do the processing.


You have the legal right to object to the processing of any personal information that is based on our site’s ‘legitimate interests’ in the case you believe your basic freedoms and rights take precedence over our site’s legitimate interests.

We will take the opportunity to show that we have solid legitimate interests that override your freedoms and rights.

International Transfers

You can request to receive a copy of or refer to any safeguards by which your personal information is transmitted outside the European Economic Area.

We reserve the right to redact agreements for data transfer or related documents (such as obscuring data in said documents) for the purposes of business sensitivity.

Supervisory Authority

You have the legal right to file a complaint with a particular supervisory authority regarding how your personal data is processed.

We request that you first attempt to resolve any matters with us but you retain the legal right to contact a supervisory authority at any time.


We use cookies. in order to provide you with a wide range of functions at our website, make our website’s use more convenient and comfortable, and recognize user preferences, our site uses “cookies.”

What are Cookies?

A cookie is such technology that includes a ‘cookie’ or pixel, a tiny file or data saved on the computer/device you use to visit websites. It allows the website to store your actions and preferences such as language, login, and display preferences like font size, for a certain length of time, so you can avoid re-entering them each time you return to the website or browse from one web page to another one.

Your options

When you use our site you are agreeing to the storage and use of cookies on your computer/device.

You generally can view our site without using cookies, but particular sections of the site might not work correctly or navigation will be slower.

In the case that you do not want your computer/device to store cookies, you can use your browser’s system setting to deactivate the related option. You can also delete your system settings’ stored cookies at any time.

Additional information about how to delete or deactivate cookies is found at this link: If you do not accept cookies, it can restrict the functionality of our site.

Categories of Cookies

Our website uses cookies for various functions and purposes.

Certain cookies are:

  • needed in strictly technical terms (or technical necessity)
  • used and stored for a particular period of time (or storage duration)
  • stored or placed by our site or a third party (or cookie provider)

Technical Necessity

Cookies that technically are:

Necessary: Our site uses particular cookies as they are necessary strictly for the correct function of the site. Such cookies are automatically placed on your computer/device when you access the site or a particular function, except when you reject cookies through your browser settings.

Not Necessary: These cookies that are not required in the strictest sense but are put on a user’s computer/device to boost the performance and convenience of our site by saving particular settings that you have chosen. In addition, we also use cookies that are in technical terms are not necessary to obtain data on how frequently particular sections of our website are used, so we can adjust it to your requirements and needs in a more targeted way.

Storage Duration

Session Cookies: Particular cookies are needed only for your website session’s duration and are known as “session cookies.” This data becomes invalid or is erased when you leave our site or your session expires. An example of the use of session cookies is to keep particular data during a session.

Permanent Cookies: Certain cookies are stored for longer periods of time. An example is allowing our site to recognize users that visit the site again and to access their saved settings. For example, you can then access web pages quicker or with more convenience so there is no need to set particular options again like preferred language. After a set period of time, permanent cookies are deleted automatically.

Flow Cookies: Such cookies are used for our company group to communicate via our internal servers. When you start navigating the site, they are put on your computer/device then deleted after you are finished navigating the site. Flow cookies do obtain a unique reference number but we are unable to make any decisions regarding the customer or real user.

Cookie Providers

Provider Cookies: Such cookies are placed by our site or our website’s operator who we have commissioned.

Third-party Cookies: These are used and stored by other websites or organisations, such as web analytics tools. Outside providers might also use cookies in order to integrate social network content such as social plugins or display advertising. To get more information about Web analytics tools as well as measurement of reach, read our cookie policy below.

Using cookies for web analytics/reach measurement

Our site uses Google Analytics, which is one of Google’s Web analytics services. Google Analytics utilizes cookies in order to identify how frequently certain sections of our site are used and to learn more about user preferences.

The data about your particular use of this site created by the cookie (e.g. shortened IP address) is transmitted to a USA-based Google server and then stored there. Google then uses the data to analyze your use of our site, create reports for us on website activity, and perform other services related to website usage. Google might also transfer this data to various third parties when the law requires it or when third parties are required to process this data for Google.

You can use a browser add-on to deactivate Google Analytics if you want to end the use of website analytics. This link allows you to download the add-on:

The add-on stores data matching up with your Google Analytics deactivation on your computer/device. It is important to take note that this variety of “opt out” will only deactivate Google Analytics for the browser and device where activation of the opt out took place. You might also need to reactivate it when you delete your device’s cookies.

The most common cookies are:

Google Analytics

Google places this cookie. It allows our site to collect information related to the use of our website by users. That includes time of visit, pages viewed, whether the user has visited in the past, and websites visited before visiting our site.

Facebook Pixel

Facebook places this cookie. It allows our site to measure, build, and optimize audiences for ad campaigns that are served on the social media platform.

One Signal

One Signal places this cookie. It lets our site remember whether you have subscribed to get push notifications. The cookie also allows our site to deliver customized notifications.


VWO places this cookie. It adds cookies in the browser of users and customers in order to identify them. These cookies contain no personal data. They might also store and collect data locally on devices by using tools like browser web storage.


Hotjar places this cookie. It stores non-personal data with the goal of giving you an improved website experience, analyze trends, and diagnose technical issues.


The tool Unbounce helps our website build improved landing pages. These cookies are used to store non-personal data in order to improve user experience and landing pages.


AdWords enables Google pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

Double Click

This is used by online advertisers and for advertising on more than one ad server.