No Wagering Casino Bonuses

Tired of casino bonuses that promise the world and then tie you down with unfair terms? Looking for bonuses that don’t have steep wagering requirements? You have come to the RIGHT PLACE.

Our team of experts here at NoDepositDaily has the solution to your problems of unfair casino offers – No Wagering Casino Bonuses.

If you know all about these exciting new species of bonuses and just want to start playing with them ASAP, check the list below. We have compiled the web’s finest selection of no-wagering bonuses, wager-free/low wagering casinos, and zero-wager free spins.

If all this is new to you, we hope to help you answer these simple questions:

  • What is a no wagering bonus?
  • Why should you opt for this type of bonus?
  • Why casinos offer no wagering bonuses?

Best Zero Wagering Casinos

Introducing a new breed of online casinos – these sites are changing the norms of the internet gambling business. They offer bonuses that do not weigh you down with insanely high wagering requirements, so you get to enjoy effortless gaming like never before.

We have comprehensively tested all listed casinos for fair play, reputation, software quality, licensing, customer experience, and more. Only the safest casinos get a chance to be listed here:

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Casino Brango
Players from US allowedExclusiveNewCasino Brango$50000 Match Bonus
Min deposit $20 Wager 0xAllocation CodeBonus Code LIMITLESS
Casino Extreme
Players from US allowedExclusiveNewCasino Extreme$50000 Match Bonus
Min deposit $20 Wager 0xAllocation CodeBonus Code LIMITLESS
Palace of Chance Casino
Players from US allowedPalace of Chance CasinoUnlimited Match Bonus
Min deposit $30 Wager 0xAllocation CodeBonus Code NEVERENDING200
El Royale Casino
Players from US allowedExclusiveEl Royale Casino100
Min deposit $10 Wager 0xAllocation CodeBonus Code 100FORTUNES
Red Dog Casino
Players from US allowedExclusiveRed Dog Casino100
Min deposit $10 Wager 0xAllocation CodeBonus Code SPINFIRE
Slots Empire Casino
Min deposit $10 Wager 0xAllocation CodeBonus Code CUTESPINS
Bella Vegas Casino
Players from US allowedExclusiveBella Vegas Casino$2600 Match Bonus
Min deposit $20 Wager 0xAllocation CodeBonus Code PINA260

What is a no wagering bonus?

Casinos saddle their bonus offers with something called a wagering requirement – all bonuses have this requirement, or at least they used to. A no wagering bonus, or zero wagering bonus is a new type of casino bonus that totally does away with the wagering requirement.

It is exactly as advertised in the name – the bonus offer comes free of any type of wagering requirement. Online casinos, particularly new ones, started offering these bonuses as a way to stand out from the crowd.

Claim Your Bonus at Casino Brango
Read our Casino Brango review
Players from US allowedExclusiveNewCasino Brango$50000 Match Bonus
Min deposit: $20 Wager: 0xAllocation: CodeBonus Code: LIMITLESS

Why No Wagering Bonuses Are Better For You

No wagering bonuses are superior to regular bonuses (with wagering) in every conceivable way. If you have to choose between a $1000 casino bonus and a $500 no wagering bonus, we would recommend the smaller no wagering bonus, any day. Here is why:

Guaranteed withdrawal on wins
In regular bonuses, the wagering requirement often ensures that little or no part of your bonus winnings are available for withdrawal. But with a no wagering requirement bonus, there is no such obstacle – you can withdraw your winnings, subject to certain conditions (like max cashout limit).

Faster withdrawals
Since there is no wagering, you can withdraw your winnings as soon as you are finished with the bonus. With a regular bonus, you would spend hours or even days trying to fulfill massive wagering requirements.

Extremely beginner-friendly
Wagering requirements can be quite hard to understand, especially if you are a beginner at online casinos. It is easy to violate bonus terms, resulting in the voiding of your winnings. You don’t have to worry about anything like that when using a no wagering casino bonus.
To understand the true value of a wager-free bonus, it is important to learn why wagering requirements exist and why players dislike them. Scroll down to check out our in-depth guide on the topic below.

Types of No Wagering Bonuses

As you probably know already, casino bonuses come in many avatars, targeted at new and existing customers. Wager-free options may exist for all types of bonuses, but some are more common than others.

Free Spins

This is the most common type of wager-free casino bonus out there. You have to register and make a deposit to claim zero wager free spins. Any money you win using those spins can be withdrawn immediately.

Claim Your Bonus at WildCardCity Casino
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Players from US not allowedExclusiveWildCardCity Casino25 Free Spins on Crazy Monkeys
Min deposit: Free Wager: 0xAllocation: AutoBonus Code: Not Required

Welcome Bonuses

Newly launched online casinos tend to provide this type of no wagering bonuses. The basic principle is the same as for free spins – register, deposit cash and claim your bonus. You can play and withdraw winnings without having to worry about wagering.

Claim Your Bonus at Casino Brango
Read our Casino Brango review
Players from US allowedExclusiveNewCasino Brango$50000 Match Bonus
Min deposit: $20 Wager: 0xAllocation: CodeBonus Code: LIMITLESS

Reload BonusesReload Bonuses

Casinos offer these bonuses to their regular players. Reload bonuses with low wagering or zero wagerings is becoming more common these days.

VIP Bonuses

High rollers are the main source of income for online casinos. So they offer these players as many perks as possible to keep them happy. And no wagering bonuses are a very effective method to keep players loyal.

No Deposit Bonuses

No wagering versions of these bonuses are extremely rare, since they are 100% free bonus offered by the casino. Even if a casino offers a wager-free version, it will come with a very low cashout limit – like $5 or $10, to reduce the risk of loss to the casino.

Everything You Need to Know About Wagering Requirements

Players love casino bonuses because they offer free cash/spins. But underneath all the glitter, these casino bonuses often have a dark side – steep wagering requirements that block your chances of ever withdrawing any money.

But times are changing, and casinos are waking up to a new reality where players starting to actively avoid sites that give bonuses with high wagering requirements. Enter no wagering online casino bonuses.

To understand more about these bonuses, we need to first address the basics:

What is a wagering requirement?

A wagering requirement, also called a playthrough requirement, is a rule associated with online casino bonuses. In the past, all bonuses came with a catch in the form of a wagering requirement. It is usually expressed as “30x bonus+deposit,” or “45x bonus,” or “60x free spin winnings” and so on.

The number specified can vary between 0 and 100 – it is set by the individual casino. If you win any money while playing with a casino bonus, the wagering requirement rule will be activated. It is a rule you have to fulfill if you want to legitimately withdraw your winnings from the casino.

It works like this – using a 20x wagering requirement on bonus as an example, imagine that you won $100 while playing with a $10 cash bonus. Before you can withdraw that $100, you have to use it to make further bets. The total value of these bets should be the bonus amount multiplied by 20x, which is $200 (20 x 10).

Why casinos use wagering requirements?

A wagering requirement has one purpose – reduce your chances of withdrawing any of your winnings. Casinos want this because bonus winnings mean a loss for their business. If more players get cash withdrawals from a bonus, the casino may go bankrupt!

A wagering requirement is a legitimate way to minimize the chance of huge losses. In the above example, you have to make bets worth $200 using the $100 winnings. Often, you will end up spending the entire $100 before you reach that requirement.

This works on an age-old principle in gambling – giving others a fair chance of winning back their money. For instance, if you win big in a round of poker, you are expected to play a few rounds so that others have a sporting chance of winning at least some of the money back (not in tournament poker). It also prevents players from abusing the bonus offers at the cost of the casino.

Why players hate wagering requirements?

Lower wagering requirements, like 10x or 20x, are not too bad. They still give you a fair chance of having some cash leftover, especially if you have some luck while betting. But many casinos started offering bonuses with steeper and steeper wagering requirements.

Some of these can go as high as 60x or more. If you have a $100 bonus with another $100 deposit, the amount to be wagered would be an astronomical $12,000 ( 60 x 200 ). Higher multipliers like this leave you pretty much no chance of ever seeing any cash withdrawal if you use a bonus.

And even trying to fulfill that $12000 requirement can take a good while. Often, casinos have time limits on wagering – leaving players with little time to finish the wagering. If the time runs out, the winnings get voided.
Players often get into disputes with online casinos due to bonus terms, particularly wagering requirements. The situation became so bad, licensing authorities like the UK Gambling Commission were forced to intervene and warn casinos about unfair bonus offers.

Low Wagering Casinos – A Compromise?

The writing is on the wall for online casinos – players are more educated and aware than ever before, and they dislike unfair terms and high wagering requirements. This is especially true in the case of bonuses that require players to deposit money.

High wagering requirements are a serious buzz-kill. But for many smaller online casinos, zero-wager bonuses may be too risky, from a business perspective. So they have come up with a different option – low wagering bonuses.

Instead of removing the wagering requirement altogether, these casinos promise to reduce the multipliers from 60 or 50x to as low as 10x, or even 1x in some cases. This is a healthy middle ground – offering a fair chance to players while protecting the casino interests at the same time.

Claim Your Bonus at Casino Brango
Read our Casino Brango review
Players from US allowedExclusiveNewCasino Brango$500 Match Bonus
Min deposit: $20 Wager: 27xAllocation: CodeBonus Code: KINGSGAMBIT

No Wagering Casino Bonuses – Frequently Asked Questions

A no wagering casino, also known as a zero wager or wager-free casino, is one that offers bonuses that do not come with any wagering requirement. If you win any cash while playing with a bonus at these casinos, you can withdraw it straight away.

Yes! Your chances of withdrawing real money are higher if you use a no wagering bonus. All you need to do is win a few rounds while using the bonus cash or free spins.

It is a rule used by online casinos on bonuses – cash, free spins, etc – if you win money, you cannot withdraw it until you have wagered it x number of times. You can read more about wagering requirements in our in-depth guide above.

No, this is a relatively new phenomenon in online casino gaming. Relatively few online casinos offer such bonuses at this time. No wagering bonuses are more common among newer casinos.