Mervyn Davids

Mervyn Davids

Posted on 30 August 2021

Table Games Standing the Test of Time

Classic casino table games in some form have been around for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Through the ages, people have invented new and interesting ways to test their luck and win money from each other. The most popular table games today have morphed over the years but their origins are still recognizable to a modern audience.

The immense popularity and endurance of table games are likely due to the social nature of these games. As opposed to the solo one-armed bandit (slot machine), table games are all played with others.

Benefits of Table Games

The origins of table games can be traced back as far as 1,000 years ago, depending upon the sources you find. Some modern table games have roots in 16th-18th century France and Germany, while others go back as far as ancient China and the Roman Empire.

With such a long and varied history, it’s a wonder that these games are still around today in a recognizable form. Let’s explore how and why these fan favourites weathered the ages and helped to establish the industry that we know and love today.

Better Odds

There’s the old saying that the house always wins, and that’s especially true for slots and some other casino games. Unlike more unpredictable slot games, table games statistically have the highest chance of winning real money and returning money to players.

Lower Volatility

Volatility in gambling refers to the risk vs. reward a player has when playing a game. If a game has higher volatility, the odds of you losing are much higher, but the payouts can be astronomical. Table games typically have lower volatility, meaning they pay out more often but chances are unless you’re in the pro league, you’re not going to turn a dollar into a million.

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Where Blackjack came from is a mystery that still eludes us to this day. The exact origins are unknown, but like a lot of table games it most likely comes from France or Spain. One of its earliest known names, Vingt-et-Un (French), translates to 21. The game was also mentioned by Spanish author and known gambler, Miguel de Cervantes (author of Don Quixote) in one of his novellas that was written in the 17th century.

Blackjack is a unique game that has evolved through many different cultures and time periods, making it extremely hard to pin down its origins. It is, however, one of the staples of table gaming and usually one of the first games everyone learns. The simplicity and skill involved have kept it alive and well throughout the centuries.



Roulette dates back to 18th century France and was originally called. It’s thought to have been invented by Blaise Pascal while he was looking for a perpetual motion machine but instead, he gave us one of the most iconic games on the casino floor.

Likely developed from the Italian game, Biribi, modern Roulette is one of the most popular table games in any land-based or online casino. Time and geography have spawned a variety of rulesets and ways to play, favoured by players in different places.

Types of Roulette

  • Mini roulette, based on European roulette
  • Single zero wheels (French-style Roulette)
  • Double zero wheels (American-style Roulette)
  • Triple zero wheels (Sands Roulette)
  • California Roulette: Legalised in 2004, this form of roulette requires players to use cards to pick the winning number.
    Roulette has consistently maintained its popularity even into the modern-day when it was digitised, making its first debut on the internet in 1996.



If rumours are to be believed, Craps has a long record in the history of games and may have been invented by Roman soldiers who used knucklebone dice to make bets during their downtime while on campaign. Later, it was popularised in France where it got its iconic name from the word “crapaud” or toad, referring to how players used to crouch in alleyways to play.

Although craps may be daunting for new players with its complex betting patterns, craps has never flagged in popularity and is one of the best value casino games available and definitely one that all enthusiastic players should be familiar with.

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Evolution of the “Table”

With the growth of online casinos and online gambling, table games have evolved into digital versions of the classic games we know and love. It’s gotten to the point where players can link to online casinos and have a live dealer in front of them — connected only by a video feed.

These table games are still the most popular casino games, even when they go online. Interestingly, the layout of the tables and setup has changed very little in their digital forms. Some games have gotten an e-makeover and updates, but classic table games are some of the few that rely on the familiar layout even when there’s cutting edge technology backing them up.

Even with novel casino games and modernized alternatives out there, these age-old table games have never fallen out of fashion, continuing to grow in popularity among new audiences on new devices all the time.

Published on: 2021/08/30