Mervyn Davids

Mervyn Davids

Posted on 03 February 2023

How To Avoid Bonus Abuse: A 5 Step Guide

A common way for new players to lose their welcome bonus is by accidentally committing bonus abuse. In this article we’ll explain what bonus abuse is and how to avoid it.

What Is Bonus Abuse?

Bonus abuse is any action – or pattern of activity – carried out by a player that breaches the terms and conditions. 

It is a term that has grown in prevalence since the advent of free sign-up no deposit offers

These offers work on the basis that, when a new player creates an account, they receive either bonus credits or free spins to play at a casino with no deposit required

These offers were designed to simulate the authentic experience of online gambling, thus players were able to win real money (providing they adhered to the terms and conditions). 

Fraudsters realized they could create multiple accounts using false identities, and thereby have a theoretically infinite number of chances at winning real money for free. 

Casinos have come up with ways of tackling bonus abuse. But every new rule only encourages a more sophisticated approach to break them. 

Subsequently, the definition of ‘bonus abuse’ has been extended to include any breach of the original rules, plus the new rules designed to circumvent its inevitability. 

Types Of Bonus Abuse

  • Making large bets – Casino bonuses set a limit on how much you can wager per bet or per spin. 
  • Creating numerous accounts – One casino account is allowed per-player or per-household (IP Address). 
  • Claiming multiple bonuses You can only claim one welcome bonus per casino. 
  • Playing ineligible games – Every casino bonus comes with an eligible games list.
  • Attempting to cashout immediately – Unless specified, all casino bonuses are subject to wagering requirements.

How To Avoid Bonus Abuse

To avoid bonus abuse, all you have to do is comply with the terms and conditions. It’s really that simple. 

Providing you read and understand our 5 rules on how to avoid bonus abuse, you should be fine. 

#1. Make Wagers Below The Bet Size Limit

Casino wins are a multiplication of the stake. To ensure that players do not win too much with a casino bonus, casinos implement a bet size limit.

Please stick to the bet size limit. Attempting to wager more than the bet size limit may look like an attempt to circumvent the wagering requirements and quickly cashout your winnings.

This is a flagrant sign of bonus abuse and it can lead to your account being swiftly disabled.

You can discover how much you can and can’t bet using your bonus by reading the terms and conditions.

#2. Sign-Up With Your Real Details

If you do not use your real details, your casino may suspect you of creating multiple false accounts.

Thus when you sign up to a casino it is critical that you check and double-check that your registration details are accurate.

Please beware that casinos are likely to request further ID verification when you attempt to cashout.

Failure to verify your ID may result in you being unable to withdraw your bonus winnings and, moreover, having your account disabled.

#3. Create Only One Account

The general rule is that you can have one account per-person, or per-household.

Please do not try to make multiple accounts at the same casino.

Nowadays, casinos use sophisticated software that picks up your IP address. They can therefore detect whether the same person is creating multiple accounts, and even go so far as establishing your real identity.

We also advise caution if you happen to be from a household of many online gamblers. If a casino offers a bonus on a one-per-household basis, you may have your bonus confiscated if more than one account is registered at the address.

The same complication may arise if you try to create an account using a public internet connection.

#4. Claim Only One Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are issued on a one-per-player basis. Attempting to claim multiple sign up offers is against the rules.

This is particularly easy to avoid as you often get the chance to select the particular bonus you prefer during the registration process.

#5. Play For Fun

On the surface this may seem like a vague rule, yet when casinos scan for fraudulent activity, they are searching for patterns of abuse.

How you decide to use your bonus determines how likely you will flag up on their system.

For example, most sign-up offers will come with a list of eligible games you can play with your bonus. These are most likely a selection of slot games with a low-decent RTP and low-decent volatility.

Please stick to the eligible games list. Attempting to play an ineligible game – especially one with a high RTP or high volatility – is generally not allowed, and at the very least will be viewed as suspicious.

Moreover, try not to take a strategic approach to wagering your bonus. If you are changing the games you play and the size of the bets you make depending on your success, you may attract unwanted attention.

Always Read The Terms And Conditions

Every bonus comes with a set of terms and conditions that govern how you can and cannot use the bonus.

Common terms include:

  • Wagering Requirements – The amount of times you have to playthrough the value of your bonus before you can cashout.
  • Expiry Dates – How long you have until your bonus is confiscated.
  • Win Caps – The maximum you can withdraw as real money using a no deposit bonus.

It’s vital you read and understand the T&Cs of your bonus. Even if you infringe on the terms by accident, you are still likely to invalidate your bonus.

A common way these terms are violated is that players don’t understand what ‘wagering requirements’ are and think they can withdraw their bonus winnings immediately.

While it may not count as ‘bonus abuse’ you are likely to have your bonus confiscated.


Your chances of avoiding bonus abuse are high if you simply read the T&Cs. We recommend you do this with every bonus you claim. 

If you do not want to make a real money deposit at this stage of your gambling journey, please don’t try to claim the same bonus twice, or two bonuses at the same online casino.

There are 100’s – if not 1000’s – of online casinos offering free sign up offers. Please feel free to claim multiple no deposit bonuses – just make sure they are offered by different online casinos. 


The most common way is by tracking your IP address. Most casinos allow for one account per IP address.

Another way is by asking you to verify your ID at some point in the future. If your ID documents correspond with another account, you are likely to be banned.

If you are suspected of bonus abuse you may be requested to provide further ID verification. This can include documents such as a driver’s license, passport and/or utility bill.

If you fail to provide this documentation, the casino is likely to block your account and may even place your IP address on a blacklist.

Welcome bonuses are an incentive used by online casinos to attract new players. The goal is to increase the player-base, and allow players to trial their service.

Once you have used your welcome bonus, your trial period is over. You are then expected to make a real money deposit or find a different online casino.

Most online casinos have a system that allows you to challenge their decision in the event of your account being closed.

Published on: 2023/02/03