Crazy Way Players Try to Cheat Casinos

It is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to cheat at land casinos. The money involved is so huge that casinos employ stringent surveillance methods that integrate the latest technology and highly trained personnel. Yet players are crazy enough to try. Some think that they can beat the system, while others do it for a lark. When you get caught you will be lucky to just get thrown out from the casino. In all probability the police will be called.

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This article highlights some common ploys used by players and explains the pitfalls involved.

Cheating Using Free Chips

This is the option most likely to succeed. Most casinos give players free chips against the entrance fees. These free chips come with conditions. You cannot directly cash these chips. You have to bet with them. If you win then you will be given regular chips that can be cashed. Low risk bets, like even money bets in roulette, are not allowed with free chips. The permitted bets will differ from casino to casino. In order that these conditions can be enforced, the free chips are slightly different from the regular ones and the casino staff members are trained to tell the difference.

You cannot just walk to the roulette table and place a stack of free chips on red. The croupier will politely but firmly tell you that this is not permitted.

Players who try this option go about it in the following manner:

Past Posting

This is the name given to the act of placing chips on a winning number in roulette after the “no more bets” call when you see the ball dropping on that number. Because this is so easy to do, the croupiers are extra vigilant. There will be people assigned to the table just to make sure this does not happen. If you are challenged by the croupier, just walk away and melt into the crowd. Your act will have been caught on one of the CCTV cameras. The croupier will take you aside and show you the clip of you trying to cheat.

What will happen after that is not even worth discussing:

Hole Card Reading

This one is for the blackjack tables. The second card to the dealer is placed face down and is called the hole card. It is turned over only after all the players finish playing their hands. If you knew what the hole card was, then you could nuance your moves and end up winning much more often than usual. There have been players that have tried to get a peek at the hole card. First of all you should know why this is not possible on the Vegas Strip or any of the best casinos around the world. Here the cards are stacked in a shoe. The bottom card can be extracted from the shoe and slid to its position on the blackjack table without lifting any part of the card by even a fraction of a millimetre. There is no way of getting a peek at the hole card.

If you can find a casino away from the hot spot areas where cards are dealt in the old-fashioned manner from the top of a deck, then there is a chance to peek at the hole card.

Card Counting

There have been stories and movies about card counting at blackjack tables. Card counting is keeping track of cards as they are dealt in order to ascertain if the remaining cards in the shoe are predominantly high value or low value. This information gives the player sufficient advantage so that he can drag the average return a few points over 100% and they are likely to win more often than lose in the long run.

If you are card counting on your own without the use of any devices then you are not cheating. You need to be a genius to do this. Casinos today are able to profile card counters and have ways of discouraging them from playing.

If you are operating in a group (like the infamous MIT Blackjack Team) or using devices then you are on the wrong side of the law. People have used cameras or touch devices to relay the cards being dealt to an accomplice, who uses a computer to keep track and feeds information back to the player. To set this up today is impossible. Even if you can do so, the effort is not worth it. Card Counting does not give big returns over small periods. You have to grind the marginal advantage over days to get back something worthwhile. And there are no guarantees of not getting caught or of winning.

The Moral

These are interesting things to read about, but you will have to be crazy to try them out.